minimizing technology

Hello once again, blogging world! I thought it would be fitting to write about how I've been minimizing technology in my life as I make my reappearance on this blog! Since my last post in August, I've learned to cut back on my consumption of technology - apparently taking a break from this blog became... Continue Reading →


minimizing my makeup

I've never been one to obsess over makeup. My collection never got too out of hand, but I recently came to the realization that the number of times I put on a full face of makeup each year is very small... maybe 10 times or less. There's absolutely no need for me to have an... Continue Reading →

switching to bamboo

When you look at your toothbrush, does it make you happy? This might seem like the weirdest question ever, but if someone were to ask me that very question, I'd say yes in a heartbeat! One thing I've noticed as a beginner minimalist is how the simplest things make me happy. Clean counter tops, organized... Continue Reading →

minimizing my wardrobe

After being inspired by the minimalist documentary mentioned here, and learning about Project 333 and capsule wardrobes, I discovered my current wardrobe was causing a lot of unnecessary stress in my daily life. How could I always feel as though I had "nothing" to wear, or that none of my pieces could come together to... Continue Reading →

it’s a journey

Adapting a new lifestyle is a marathon, not a sprint. Looking around my apartment right now, I don't think anyone would come in here and think, "Wow, these folks are minimalists." Sometimes it's not easy to remember the place from which you started, especially if your state of "before" wasn't heavily documented in photos or... Continue Reading →

5 documentaries to inspire a life of less

They say knowledge is power, and since the beginning of this year when I began to question why North Americans live the way we do, I found watching documentaries to be the first step in gaining an understanding of how our consumer habits are killing ourselves and the planet. The more educated I became, the... Continue Reading →

the start of something new

Hello again, blogging world! This blog is the start of something new and fresh, reflecting some of the big lifestyle changes I've been working toward since the beginning of this year. It's tricky to think back and pin point exactly how this new journey began, but I believe it all started with a handful of... Continue Reading →

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