the start of something new

Hello again, blogging world!

This blog is the start of something new and fresh, reflecting some of the big lifestyle changes I’ve been working toward since the beginning of this year. It’s tricky to think back and pin point exactly how this new journey began, but I believe it all started with a handful of documentaries and my own curiosity, which snowballed into me forming a completely different outlook on life.

The more I started questioning why North Americans live the way we do, the more I began to realize we don’t need to follow the same “recipe” for life that we see in movies, TV shows and YouTube videos. We don’t need to live they way everyone else does in order to be happy – if anything, we should live opposite to everyone else because the majority of our population is completely unsatisfied and discontent.

My goal is to minimize my life by purging “stuff” and clutter, eating cleaner, cutting back on technology, and becoming a conscious consumer while decreasing our household waste-to-landfill. My husband Cory is on board with the changes I’ve been making and we’re both realizing this is a marathon – not a sprint.

Yes, things often get worse before they get better, but the change is completely worth it!

I’m extremely excited to begin sharing my transformation with you!


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