it’s a journey

Adapting a new lifestyle is a marathon, not a sprint. Looking around my apartment right now, I don’t think anyone would come in here and think, “Wow, these folks are minimalists.” Sometimes it’s not easy to remember the place from which you started, especially if your state of “before” wasn’t heavily documented in photos or videos. No matter what new phase of life you may be beginning, I believe this motto can be incredibly valuable:

Progress, not perfection.

So long as you’re making improvements and doing your best to achieve whatever goal you’re working toward, you are succeeding.

We often become our own worst enemies, being overly critical of ourselves. If we learn to celebrate the process and the progress we’re making along the way, it won’t feel as though we’ll never reach our goal. When you celebrate mini victories and milestones, you can keep up the momentum you’ll need in order to finish strong.

Whatever journey you’re facing right now, you can do it!


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