switching to bamboo

When you look at your toothbrush, does it make you happy? This might seem like the weirdest question ever, but if someone were to ask me that very question, I’d say yes in a heartbeat! One thing I’ve noticed as a beginner minimalist is how the simplest things make me happy. Clean counter tops, organized drawers, and the absence of brightly coloured and mismatched plastic toothbrushes are just a few of such things.

I heard about the company Brush with Bamboo when I started searching Pinterest for zero waste swaps for our home. I wanted to start small and find things which already needed replacing and I wanted to replace them with more sustainable alternatives. I’ll be the first to admit I rarely replace my toothbrush. Cory and I have lived together for almost a year now and neither of us had replaced our toothbrushes during this time. All this to say we were both long overdue for a new toothbrush. For the sake of oral hygiene and for sanitary reasons, you should really replace your toothbrush every three months. This means Cory and I should go through a combined total of 8 toothbrushes annually.


When you begin making more environmentally conscious choices, it can be overwhelming to figure out just where to start. Although plastic toothbrushes were clearly not one of the biggest items to exit our home and enter a landfill, I use my toothbrush multiple times a day, and for me, my new bamboo toothbrush is a great reminder of the big picture. It takes a million baby steps in order to transition a home to less waste, and for us, this was step one.

All components of the Brush with Bamboo toothbrush, including the wrapper and box, are made from plants! Plastic can never fully decompose or break down and it’s a major contributor to the environmental crisis we’re experiencing today. When we make the switch from consuming plastic products to more sustainable ones, we can be part of the solution.


Part of the zero-waste movement is embracing the 5 R’s: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Rot. I can now refuse to take home the plastic toothbrush every time I visit the dentist and therefore reduce the plastic consumption in our home. Once my bamboo toothbrush has reached its three months of use, I can reuse it to scrub countless things that need cleaning. The packaging our bamboo toothbrushes come in are 100% recyclable. And once the toothbrushes have been repurposed and are no longer useful, they can be composted to rot.

I’ve heard of a handful of other bamboo toothbrush companies out there. It’s so great to see how people are recognizing the harmful effects of plastic and how they’re actively doing something about it!

Would you consider switching to bamboo?


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