minimizing my makeup

I’ve never been one to obsess over makeup. My collection never got too out of hand, but I recently came to the realization that the number of times I put on a full face of makeup each year is very small… maybe 10 times or less. There’s absolutely no need for me to have an extensive makeup collection taking up space in our home only to go bad before I use it up. Minimizing my makeup to fit in a single makeup bag has eliminated unnecessary physical and mental clutter. I know where everything is, I like each item I own, and I feel no need to keep up on makeup trends, buying the new cosmetic items that are the must-have of the season.


Here is every single item in my makeup bag:

-two tinted lip stains
-foundation powder brush
-liquid foundation
-one “winter” toned powder
-one “summer” toned powder
-eyelash curler
-small eyeshadow compact
-brow pencil
-liquid eyeliner
-eyeshadow primer
-large eyeshadow palette
-eyebrow comb


If a girls’ night pops up and I need to quickly grab a few overnight items, I know everything I need will be in my little makeup bag. I can take out the unnecessary bits and bobs and fit my moisturizer, toner and toothpaste in. In addition to my makeup bag, I still have set of proper makeup brushes for when I have a full-face makeup kind of day, but I love having all the essentials fit into my makeup bag.

My bathroom storage space is not the only thing benefiting from my minimal makeup collection. When you minimize the beauty products and makeup products you use, you’ll create less household waste because you’ll have less packaging to dispose of. I’m planning on replacing a number of my current makeup products with more natural alternatives once they run out. When you use chemical-free and plant based beauty products, you’re doing your body and the environment a favour.

What I love most about having a minimal makeup collection is how I can “do my makeup” in less than five minutes on a regular day. I find the less time I spend obsessing over my physical appearance each day, the more I am content with myself and my appearance. I’m simply happier in general. Sure it’s always nice to get dolled up every so often, and when I do on the rare occasion, I enjoy the primping process a lot more because it’s something special and something to look forward to.

Would you consider downsizing your makeup to fit into one bag?

Proverbs 31:30


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